Water Electret with ASEN Nonwoven Machine

Water Electret

  • Nominal width: 1800MM (effective maximum width 1600MM)
  • Machine power: about 300KW
  • Mechanical speed: 5-50M/MIN, adjustable speed
  • Oven temperature: 45-100 degrees Celsius, automatic adjustment
  • The working efficiency of the whole line: about 1200KG/day

       Equipment advantages:

  • The machine is easy to operate and easy to learn;
  • After the water electrostatic electret is passed through the equipment, the performance of the melt-blown cloth is saturated with static electricity. This charging method can pass oily and salty tests, which can effectively solve the problem of the improvement of the electrofiltration efficiency of the melt-blown cloth in the mask industry and the decrease after storage.
  • The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for operators;
  • The filtration efficiency of the melt-blown cloth after electret is above 99%.

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