Spunbond laboratory spinning machine with ASEN Nonwoven Machine

Spunbond Laboratory Spinning Machine

  • Minimum denier (d): 1.5
  • One test material (g): ≤200
  • One test time (m): 10
  • Weight (g/m2): 15-150
  • Width (mm): 100
  • Features: it can spin 2dtex spunbond nonwoven fabrics with a width not less than 10cm; the design principle of the whole machine adopts the production process of spunbond nonwoven fabrics, and the spun nonwoven fabrics are close to mass production.
  • Application range: suitable for various materials such as PP, PE, PA, PET, etc. Color matching of nonwoven fabrics, simulating large-scale production; masterbatch factories can use it to test whether the masterbatch produced meets the requirements; teaching demonstration and scientific research in universities and colleges

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