Description of PET Non-woven Fabric Making Machine

ASEN PET non woven machine
PET Non-woven Fabric Making Machine

PET non-woven fabric making machine is a kind of non-woven machine. The raw material of PET non-woven fabric is 100% polyester (PET), and It is made of many continuous polyester filaments by spinning and hot rolling, known as PET spunbond filament non-woven fabric or PES spunbond non-woven fabric, also known as one-component spunbond non-woven fabric.

The density of polyester fiber is 1.38g/cm³, the dry and wet strength of the fiber is 3.52~5.28cN/dtex, good wear resistance, not easy to deform under small load, high initial modulus, high elastic recovery rate, good impact resistance, fiber Good heat resistance, melting point 255~265°C, glass transition temperature around 80°C. Polyester macromolecules are rigid linear molecules with high crystallinity, so polyester non-woven materials have the characteristics of stiffness, good shape retention, easy washing and quick drying. The high temperature resistance of polyester raw materials has made PET non-woven fabrics widely used in thermal transfer printing, transmission oil filtration and some composite materials that require high temperature resistance. It is also worth mentioning that PET spunbond non-wovens have very special physical properties: resistance to gamma rays. That is, if it is applied to medical products, it can be directly sterilized by gamma rays without destroying the physical properties and dimensional stability. This is a physical property that polypropylene PP spunbond non-wovens do not have.

According to the different characteristics of polyester non-woven fabrics, it can be applied in different fields and scenarios:

1. Due to its high permeability coefficient and high tensile and compressive strength, it can be applied to drainage plate filter membrane.

2. The characteristics of breathability, moisture resistance and wear resistance make it can be used as a cover and lining material for houses, creating a drier, healthier and more environmentally friendly living space for you.

3. The fiber fineness of polyester non-woven fabric is finer, the fiber distribution is more uniform, and the filtering effect is better. This feature makes it suitable for filter materials.

4. Polyester non-woven fabric has the advantages of high temperature resistance and aging resistance, so it is very suitable as a material for cable winding.

5. Polyester non-woven fabric has the characteristics of good air permeability and good hygroscopicity. It can be processed into seedling raising cloth, soil insulation cloth, greenhouse curtains, fruit bagging, etc.

6. PET is resistant to microorganisms, insects, and molds, so it is often used to make civil fabrics and environmental protection products. For example, a large number of PET non-woven fabrics are used in landfills.

7. Polyester non-woven fabric has high-strength vertical and horizontal tensile force, and it can be used for packaging materials such as composite cement bags.

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