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asen m meltblown nonwoven machine with ASEN Nonwoven Machine

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Why many nonwoven suppliers choose asen

    ASEN was established in 2009, we use our professional non-woven knowledge to provide customized production services and comprehensive technical support to different customers around the world.

    We have a factory covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters and a professional nonwoven machine technical team. Therefore, the entire production cycle of ASEN’s nonwoven production line, from the initial design to the construction of the machines, is carried out in ASEN’s own factory, for which we can conduct operational testing of the non woven production line before delivery.

    With our professionalism and serious and responsible attitude towards nonwoven machines, some well-known non-woven suppliers around the world are willing to cooperate with us.


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Technical Consulting with ASEN Nonwoven MachineClick “Get A Quote” to get contact with us.
Do you need to build a factory in your area and produce your non-woven fabrics? We provide you with online non-woven equipment technical consulting service free of charge.

live broadcasting with ASEN Nonwoven MachineWe welcome you to visit our factory at any time and learn about our production workshop and equipment through live broadcasting.

Installation and debugging with ASEN Nonwoven MachineWe not only produce stable and reliable nonwovens equipment, but also provide installation and debugging services for you, although during COVID-19, we still went to the customer’s site for installation.

Operation Training with ASEN Nonwoven MachineProfessional operation training can make your staff quickly master the use of nonwoven equipment, and greatly reduce the cost of damage.

online assistance with ASEN Nonwoven MachineWe provide efficient remote assistance system for each nonwoven equipment, you can master the equipment situation and handle it in time.

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