Asen Nonwoven has been consistently offering customers first-class hydrophobic SSMMS, hydrophilic, perforated, super soft and elastic spunbond nonwoven fabrics for different hygiene applications, of which all are widely used in sanitary napkins and diapers. Each workshop is equipped with a state of the art testing facility for real-time inspection to provide customers with guaranteed satisfaction each and every time.

Hydrophobic SSMMS 13-50gsm
Widely used in leg cuff of baby diapers, preventing side leakage and providing all-around protection.

Soft SSS Nonwoven 12-20gsm
Widely used in the waistband of training pants and back sheet lamination, providing softness, comfort, excellent barrier properties, and tender care for your delicate skin.

Hydrophilic &Soft Nonwoven Fabric 10-25gsm
Widely used as top sheet of diapers/sanitary napkins. Highly absorbent and extra soft for your delicate skin.

3D Perforated Nonwoven Fabric (Diaper & Feminine Napkin Top Sheet)
3-dimensional perforation technology, fast liquid distribution, superb hydrophilicity, and soft physical sensation.

Hydrophilic SSMS Core Wrap 10-13gsm
Used in core wrap to prevent SAP powder leakage; Sophisticated hydrophilic technology allows for liquid to be transported and distributed more evenly and effectively.
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